From Ed the Red to Milibland

I can imagine Labour High Command sitting round dissecting Cameron’s rise to PM and isolating the themes he employed so (unfortunately) successfully; invoking the vapid and lazy ‘Change’, launching initiatives that sound industrious but are mere exercises in branding and also the attempt to appeal to the ‘squeezed middle-class’.

Whilst there is nothing inherently wrong with that, it does show that the party is striving for the ever illusive middle ground, rather than providing a viable alternative. It is this top-down model than can alienate rather than enfranchise people. If he is questing to be the ‘people’s party’ then his aim should be broader than the well trodden ground of the middle classes and refocus on the oft mentioned yet forgotten working class.

And with Cameron   the appeal of the Tories to those who don’t own a county, Ed is in danger of preaching the same message albeit with acres more credibility.


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