Murdoch’s Declaration of Independence

I have often written/moaned/spoke with a witty, ferocious truth about the need for a greater understanding of the power of definitions within society and today saw the Coalition unfurl another clanger.

Allowing News Corp to bid for the remaining 60% of BSkyB in return for selling the Sky News arm of the broadcaster seems fair for all intents and purposes, but when it is given back to the people who put it up for sale originally do heads begin to be scratched. With News Corp holding 40% of the shares and the rest to be allocated amongst the existing investors of BSkyB it is clear that nothing will ever change.

Jeremy Hunt loves independence, so much that to him everything is independent: yorkshire puddings and British cuisine, cigarettes and health risks and a Murdoch-majority company and Rupert himself. A cat with a bucket on its head could process the limited information needed to see that transferring a company owned by Murdoch to Murdoch and his shareholders is the same thing. It was no surprise that this would happen as Murdoch’s arsehole must taste like candyfloss with the amount of licking that successive British Governments have performed on him.

Now that media plurality has gone out the window, new media has been firmly raised on to the platform that broadcast journalism once occupied.


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