The Need to Reclaim the Streets

It is startling just how my own emotions have changed in the past few hours; from joviality, to disappointment to extreme anger quicker than a looting of a shop. Possessions are relative luxuries, they are meaningless in the big picture however disgusting the looting is, but when this wanton destruction threatens people’s lives do I despair for the future of humanity.

Twat with a thing

I am not one to criticise the police tactics, as there will be reasons behind the actions, but backing away from protesters does nothing but appease them, in some way allowing them to vandalize with impunity. I usually side with the protesters but as the nihilistic thugs seem opportunistic at worst and horribly disorganized as best, I am posturing for the police to train and then unleash police lions. That would show them.

But for me, knowing that the majority are indoors being ruled by the mindless minority really rankles. We are scared, but that is us acting alone; together we can overcome this and try to come out the other side. Reclaiming the streets from anger and hate is crucial, and one that is needed to patch up the holes these people have left in our society.

London's Burning


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