Politically Apathetic…Well, nearly.

I am not 100% sure when it happened. My best guess is that it slowly grew over a long period of time. Like the tide of excrement lapping against the shore of disappointment, washing grains of hope out to sea, I have been eroded.

I am now politically apathetic.

That might be brushing things with a tad too much colour, but my belief in current mainstream politics as a force for good has reached an all-time low. This is Politics with a big P. The type to be found at Westminster or in your local MP’s surgery. Now this might be something called ‘growing up’, (an idea that I sincerely doubt), or most probably this is a sign that I am an eternal optimist as it sees that I am the last to reach such a conclusion.

But why is this the case? Why does politics seem to be so ineffectual? Is it a sign of the times or symptomatic of  this current breed of PR driven publicity bots? Simply, the ‘all things to all people’ approach that seems to be de rigueur with politicians is driving people to the middle of the road, where their company will be Nickleback, CSI and Galaxy Chocolate. Innately there isn’t anything wrong with a small dose of them, but anything more than that is like an overdose of beige.

Regardless of what I say in the post, they had one good song. That's it. Even that was only good when merry.

For me, my own apathy began with ‘The Great Clegg Betrayal of 2010’, where both his popularity and my opinion of politics performed a ‘J Turn’ – which charts an immediate and stark plummet followed by, in this case, a retrospective elimination of all traces of their previous popularity. Now all the previous Clegg-lovers have been cast out, with only the meagre spectre of Ed Miliband to sate their appetite.

This disavowal of myself from Politics has been steadily weakened by the NHS saga, the Fees ‘debate’ and the backtracking of the Government over environmental issues.

That has left us with a gap in the political market, one that needs to be filled very quickly for if it isn’t then another new generation could be lost to the power they have over politics. And sadly that is the best case scenario; at worst it could be the alienation of everyone not connected to Westminster. So where are the new parties wanting to represent me? *silence*

All I ask for, to feel re-engaged is a party to be open, honest and to work on behalf of it’s members/constituents. Is it that hard? If nothing emerges in the next year or so, I might have to go it alone.

I’ve seen the West Wing, It can’t be that hard, can it?


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