Social Well-Fair

My goodness, how I would love to be in the upper class. From their lofty perch, their perspective on society is so crystal clear it never fails to astound me. Now just filter that through the purifying elixer of Government and you can see just how much we need the current Conservative rulers.

The latest example of twenty-twenty policy making is the posited removal of housing benefits for under-25s in their next manifesto. Of course, the people receiving this benefit are just scroungers who need to be taught the value of work. Thank God for David Cameron’s vision, here I was thinking that people were receiving the benefit because they were in low paying work. Little did I realise that everyone is a little aristocrat waiting to break free. In homes all around the country, you can find people sat slovenly on their piles of pounds; using gold ingots as chopping boards and dressing in sheets of stirling. Disgusting. 

Alternatively, they aren’t. I would love Davey C to have to explain the cut personally, to all those claiming it. After being shat on by the lack of a decent pension; the declining job prospects; the rise in tuition fees amongst many other terrible streams of excrement, Dave is now wanting to cut another lifeline to those in need; those who require that little help to make it through the month. And whilst there are some people relying a bit too heavily on benefits, it does seem as if Cameron is tarring all those claiming it with the same brush.

But moving beyond the ‘moral’ point, his justification for the cut is that it costs £2 billion. Only a person devoid of any human emotion/decency/facial expressions would see cost as the only barrier. If you thought that California had it bad with the Terminator, we may have actual robots in the Cabinet now.

To counter this, all Labour need to do is focus on those that need the money – some simple life stories (don’t get Ed involved (either of them) as his persona makes people uncomfortable) to overturn the Government’s narrative, and then paint the policy as a Cameron-Special. Done successfully, Cameron will appear out of touch (surprising…) and uncaring. 

This type of policy seems endemic of a political culture bereft of either a decent idea or a thought to probable outcomes. Policies do not seem to have any thought put in to them but are instead farted out on the fly, hence the chasmic gap between us and them.

Of course when I am rich and flying above you ants in a platinum helicopter, I may be able to spend a moment thinking about your mortal concerns.


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